5 Reasons… What Tasks Need Delegating At Weddings

Hallo wondrous, gracious people.

Today I’m contemplating a website change, why do I always want to do this?  I’m never happy with anything!!

This is my favourite 5 Reasons video thus far as I feel it’s on a really important subject and I’m on my very best behaviour (which doesn’t always happen).

I decided to create it on the important tasks that need delegating at your wedding because obviously on the day you will not be doing anything except getting MARRIED!! Oh and having fun of course.  By delegating to trusted friends or family you know the tasks will be created, though they are tough jobs so maybe even thinking about hiring a co-ordinator for the day will make it a lot easier and your guests can have fun with you!!  Easy as that :-).

Did you think it was one of the best?  I’ll love to hear your comments?

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Matthew Oliver xx