5 Reasons… What to Put in Your Wedding Gift Bags!

Hola, cómo estás my beautiful people (using English and Spanish)

Happy December everyone!!  Can you believe it??  I can’t!!  I’m such a big kid in December as I love everything to with it!!  Mulled wine, mince pies, warm nights, cheesy Christmas music, CHRISTMAS JUMPERS and of course Christmas.  I’m such a big kid with it all.

Today’s 5 Reasons video has nothing to do with Christmas I’m afraid, only that I’m wearing my very own Christmas jumper, brought to me from the beautiful Britten Weddings.

This video is one of the first requests from a bride to be, the lovely Amy Mahon who is getting married very soon and just wanted some ideas with the gift bags she’s giving out to her guests coming from different places around the world.

Gift bags are a great way to thank your guests for coming such a long distance and seriously you can put anything inside, anything!!  It can be as personal as you like or crazy quirky; it’s up to you.

What I would do and love is send my guests on a wild treasure hunt or something, like a rumble of the area where they have to work together to find the buried treasure, which of course can be you and your partner!!  Love this as it gets your guests together and mingle whilst having loads of fun.

Anyway here is some, just some ideas of what you can put in your bags, but like I said you can put in whatever you like!!  Enjoy…

What did you think?  Do you like my ideas?  What would you do?  Do you have any ideas for readers?

Anyway happy lead up to Christmas, 21 days and counting!!  I really want a TV. or PlayStation 4 (feel free to send it to 6 Tory, BA15 1NN).

Thanks for popping by and love you all so much for your support.

Matthew Oliver xx