5 Reasons… What’s The Point in Wedding Guest Books Now??

Hello, my lovely, wonderful, beautiful people. How are you all today??

The weather is still holding out for us, I wonder how long it will last.

I’m currently in London and about to leave, though as I brought a super off-peak ticket I’m actually trapped here till 10.30am!! It’s like a prison at Paddington station, and like most people when you’re stuck somewhere you generally spend a lot of money, for me a bow tie, a coffee, and a massive danish lemon drizzle cake thing!! As we’re sitting at 10.13am I may even get something else. It’s very clever marketing on London Transport.

Haha, you know I like to ramble, so now on with my newest 5 Reasons Video post.

After experiencing quite a few weddings in my lifetime and I say quite a few probably more like hundreds. I feel the point of a traditional wedding guest book is on the way out just like some other traditions before it. Though it doesn’t mean there will be no personal messages from guests from now on, just something more treasured like guest videos thanking you and congratulating you, or audio recordings and I have even seen the creative side to guests recently when they dip their fingers into paint and decorate a painting and signing their name. The message is still there just not the traditional wedding book :-(.

So as the video says the books are generally just left there throughout the night collecting dust as most people tend to forget they’re there, don’t know they’re there or just don’t want to miss anything from the wedding and think to come back later, but at that time they’re drunk and forget!!

It’s a sad tale, but these days we like something more advanced and personal and the idea to listen to your running playlist and suddenly a track with personal messages from your wedding guests comes on, it’s simply no comparison.

I like to apologise to all wedding books before you watch this video!

It’s sad isn’t it, knowing that traditions change course and something we’re so used to just fades away.

Anyway thank you for watching and stay tuned for the next one.

Love you all.

Matthew Oliver xx