5 Reasons… Why Hire a Wedding Planner

I know I have mentioned it before, and not being biased, but hiring a wedding planner will help endlessly in designing your beautiful, once in a lifetime day!

Having been in the industry now for 6 years!  6 years! (I can’t actually believe it), every year the requests for hiring a planner, become more and more.  Not to the point where everyone is hiring one, but just enough for us to keep busy.  Though people still question, why they should hire a wedding planner, though there is no reason why you shouldn’t because…

1)      We’re Lovely;

2)      We will look after you;

3)      We create a wedding of your dreams;

4)      We support, honour and protect you;

5)      We design your perfect day;

6)      We find, only the best suppliers;

7)      We save you money;

8)      We become cherished friends;

9)      We look after you on the day;

10)    We Calm and relax you;

11)    Did I say we’re lovely?

I know you think we’re mega expensive, but we can design a package that will suit any budget type.  Of course we have our typical clients, but each of us is completely different from the rest; so you will never see the same planner twice.

We have packages that will suit everyone, if it’s the full works, on the day management, sitting down to push you in the right direction; we are only here to help.

Think of us as your fairy godmother, turning your dreams into reality!

Watch the video to see my reasons on why to hire a wedding planner.

Thanks for watching/reading and don’t forget to stay tuned for the next one.  What could it be?

Love you all.

MO xx