5 Reasons… Why To Get Married Abroad

Afternoon!  Yes it’s afternoon here in the UK, and what a glorious day it is too.

Today’s 5 Reasons is all about getting married abroad and why you should get married abroad, if that makes sense.

Getting married abroad is simply fun, adventurous, courageous, personal and most of all a lot cheaper than getting married here in the UK.  Every year thousands upon thousands get married all over the world, out of their comfort zones.  Maybe there bored of the regular weddings, maybe there competing for the best wedding award, or maybe they just want an adventure.

So why should we get married abroad?  Well folks let me tell you the 5 Reasons why I would get married abroad….

Hahaha I doubled up on the end when I was repeating the reasons, massive apologies.

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Thanks for watching again and love you all.

MO xx