5 Reasons… You Don’t Have to Invite Everyone You Know to Your Wedding!


So yes, again it’s been awhile since I brought a blog post out (slap my wrist!!).  Actually I think the last one was last Thursday with my 5 Reasons… To Have a Dress Up Theme For Your Wedding.  Actually don’t follow that link as I’m sure you don’t want to see me dressed up as Peter Pan!!

As I’m on the subject of my 5 Reasons… Videos, today’s post is also one and it’s on the ever so important subject, YOUR GUESTS!!

Yes guests can be annoying, but this video is not about the annoying guests but about who you should and should not invite to your wedding!!

A lot of you get dragged into who you should invite before you’ve even made a list of the key people you want and love to attend your wedding.

This video goes into depth at why you should just invite the people you want and why you shouldn’t invite your mums best friend whom you’ve only met once.

Anyway enough of my rambling, here is the video.

I hope this proves useful and remember follow your dreams not friends and family!!

Love you all and thanks for watching.

Matthew Oliver xx