5 Reasons… You Need a Support System Throughout Your Wedding Planning

Ni Hao (hello in Chinese and different from me saying bonjour all the time)

I told you I’ll keep to my promise and dress smartly now for my videos, though you know what I’m like I could easily forget; which means you can tell me off and I’ll dedicate a video and subject to you about anything!!  Yes anything!!  It could be about butterflies, my house, hay even bran flakes!!  All I say is to keep your eyes peeled ;-).

So today’s 5 Reasons video is about support and how you need a support system throughout your wedding planning.

Planning a wedding goes through every single emotion in the book and without someone to listen to you, to calm you, to bitch to you’ll see yourself changing and being stressed pretty much all the time.

In this video you’ll find what support you need from beginning to end.

If everything is a surprise to friends and family use one of your wedding suppliers, one you get along with as they would love to hear you and support you where they can.

Here it is…

Like the video said, you can always hire a wedding planner to help you and support you as that’s what we do; we make you feel comfortable and listen to everything you’re either going through or want for your wedding!!  Hay you can even bitch to us, because we’re all so good to talk to.

Thanks for listening and popping by again.

Love you all

Matthew Oliver xx