5 Reasons… You NEED a Videographer at your Wedding!!

Afternoon, beautiful, lovely, gracious people!  How are thee all today?

This video is very important to me as I feel you should know why it’s SO IMPORTANT to have a videographer at your wedding!!

No offence but a lot of you don’t really feel the need for a videographer at your wedding, maybe it’s because you’re shy, think they’re too expensive or they get in the way because you don’t want to much fuss!!  All are great excuses, but why would you miss a story of your wedding, facial expressions of when you walk down the aisle, the first glance at each other and to remember your wedding properly for the rest of your life??

I feel it’s insane when couples say to me; they’re not interested in videography!!  So I don’t push, but 80% afterwards say they’re one regret is that they didn’t have one!!

Please don’t make that mistake, as you’ll never regret hiring a videographer on the day of your wedding!!

Here are my 5 Reasons… You NEED a Videographer at your Wedding!!

Like I said in the video I have some amazing contacts for videographers, my all-time favourite would be Tim Spatz from Spatz Film.  After helping me with two weddings this year I feel comfortable around him, he’s professional, affordable and of course remarkable!!

Thank you so much for watching and please listen to me!!

Love you all and have a great day.

P.S. Sorry for being demanding :-/.

Matthew Oliver xx