5 Reasons… You Should Blow Your Life Savings on a Wedding!!

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So what is new with you all?  Anything exciting on this wonderful Friday evening?

As you know my last 5 Reasons was on ‘Not to Spend Your Life Savings on a Wedding’, so I decided to go the other way and create this video on Why You Should Spend Your Life Savings on a Wedding!!  A completely different topic and concept from the other one.

I always say if you’ve got the money or have been given the money why not put it to good use and create a fantastic wedding with no worries and no budget problems?  Yes you may feel guilty, but why?  It’s hard for people these days because whichever way you look at it there is going to be jealousy.

Life is also about the acquisition of memories, what better use could you put life savings to than creating the biggest memory of them all.  Ask your 80 year old self what she would remember more, a new car, maybe a mortgage payment or an amazing wedding?  Boom!

So here it is the final in the Life Savings series…

What did you think?  Would you spend your life savings on a wedding or would you keep to the other video and not?  I would love to see your opinions?

Also who was clever in watching that video?  I want to see if I have a dedicated fan or not.

Thanks for popping by and hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.

Love you all.

Matthew Oliver xx