5 Reasons… You Should Wear a Wedding Garter at Your Wedding!

Hola, beautiful people, how are you all today?

I’m all over the social media today because I’ve seen new pictures of the little Winston (below).  Already it proves that he is far more popular than I am, so he will 110% be taking my place from the 5 Reasons Videos.

Talking about the 5 Reasons Videos, today’s one is all about lovely garters and why we need them for our weddings!  Why don’t we all wear one and why shouldn’t we be proud to wear one!  Our great, great, great ancestors started this tradition back in the 14th century, it would be rude not to continue this great tradition.

I’m sure these days the traditional garter has changed slightly, so don’t worry about design and style, because you will definitely get one to meet your requirements.

The video is just really giving you the low down on the tradition and the 5 points why we should be wearing them.  I say we because why can’t a man wear one?

Anyway, enough of my jibber jabber, here is the 5 reasons why you should wear a wedding garter at your wedding……….

As promised, here is the gold dust link to the amazing and ever so talented Wedding Garter Co.  Sarah is too good for her own good when it comes to designing beautiful garters, with a huge collection and getting bigger by the second, you should all go there for your garter!!  There is nothing else quite like it, anywhere!!

Oh yeah, I forgot to show you this!  This is Winston and his litter, but let’s not get distracted here.  You’re here for me and the garters right?

Anyway, check it all out and if you need anything, you know where I am?

Love you all.

Matthew Oliver your Wedding Planner xxx