5 Things to look out for in a wedding venue!


How are we all? Enjoying the glorious colours of the changing seasons? I myself am sitting here typing whilst basking in the warm autumnal afternoon sun. I have to say I think Fall is my favourite time of year!

Now to business… it’s also that time of year when wedding venues start getting fully booked for the next year ahead, like us this year has been CRAZY busy for wedding venues, doing faar more events than they usually would. So they have likely kept their books closed a little longer than they usually would, whilst they focused on this past summer’s weddings, and they are likely being a little more selective about how many and what events they take on in the coming year. Just something to bear in mind!

‘But what should you be looking out for when finding my perfect wedding venue?’ …I hear you ask. Well just remember these 5 following things and you shouldn’t go far wrong;


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Are you getting punctual and informative responses from your perspective venue? More often than not we find an incredible-looking venue but the communication is just not there, we’re not confident that the team at the venue is going to be up to the task and standards of what we are looking to do for our couple, and I’m saying that as a wedding planner! As a couple you are likely doing this for the first time, you want a venue that is going to support you, give you confidence and guide you through the planning process at their venue. If you’re not getting this from the off, I would be wary!


We all think about the fun parts of the wedding, the design, the clothes, the party, the food, …but we also need to think first about the logistics of a wedding, which then allows for easy planning of all the fun bits. By this I mean, is the venue in the right location, and can your guests get there? Is it big enough for your guests? Or even too big? Does it have enough event spaces for a good flow to the day (or days)? Is there staff already there, or would you need to bring them in? Are there restrictions on who you can work with? Or restrictions on how late you can party? Each venue will have their rules and restrictions, so make sure you have a close read through them all and ask the right questions to your venue, so there aren’t any surprise issues during planning, which might mean you have to compromise part of your vision for the wedding.

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If you have had a vision of what your wedding will look like since a child or if you have only very recently plucked a design you like off of Pinterest, it matters little if the venue doesn’t have the foundation to allow you to create that dream aesthetic! Now there are two different ways you can approach this when looking for a wedding venue, both of which will affect your budget in a similar way…

1 – Find a stunning venue that ticks most (if not all) of your aesthetic criteria, which means you will need to add a minimal level of design to accentuate the natural beauty of the venue and its surroundings. This is the ideal scenario, but it is harder to find this and have it also meet all of your logistical requirements (see point 2 above!).

2 – Find a blank canvas, these often come in the form of a ballroom or tent, there is little natural beauty or unique architecture, but it has solid foundations to create something unique and meets most (if not all) of your logistical requirements. I prefer this option less, as we like to accentuate something natural and historic, but when this is done right, it is INCREDIBLE!

Both will generally affect your budget in a similar way, with beautiful locations generally being more expensive, as they are in higher demand, but you don’t need to spend much to accentuate the space. Option 2 will generally be much cheaper, as a ballroom or tent is an empty shell, but then the work and cost of bringing everything in to create your dream design is much higher, but the possibilities are endless! So keep your mind open to both options when venue hunting, as one or the other might be perfect for you!


Venue coordinators, more often than not, can get set in their ways. It’s sad, but once you do something 100 times you forget that there might be a different way to do it, a different angle, a fun approach that sets it apart. This can happen with venues, the amount of times I have been shown around a venue and they have said “This is where we do the ceremony, this is where we do the cocktail…” and as soon as you say, “actually can we talk about the possibility of using this location?”, in all likelihood they are open to the suggestion and it could work for you, your guest numbers and your vibe much better. I guess my point is, don’t just do what the venue is telling you you should do, as that is the way they have always done it, think outside of the box, that new way of utilising a space might just set your wedding apart.

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I didn’t really want to put this one as reviews are subjective and to an extent one-sided, but they are always worth a gander, should they show anything of concern. Though they shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor in choosing your venue, the above is much better for that, but it is certainly something to be aware of as great reviews will put you at ease, the odd negative review, in amongst overwhelmingly positive reviews, is something to be mindful of, but these are likely niche isolated issues or keyboard warriors. A lot of bad reviews are pause for thought and I would suggest warrants further investigation on other review sites and even reaching out to suppliers who have worked there, just to get an external feel for the place. You want to be confident with your venue and not have in the back of your mind that future you might also be leaving a negative review!

Hopefully some nuggets of useful information there to prepare you for the great venue hunt, these are things we do ourselves when searching for new venues for our clients, whether in the UK or throughout the world. We want to work with the right venue, that has the right attitude, the right logistics (for our brief and aesthetic), and ideally hasn’t been slated online!! But put these into practice and you shouldn’t go far wrong!

Right, that’s all from me for now! I wish you happy venue hunting and a wonderful end to the week!

Much Love!

Bertie xx

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