5 Ways to Elevate Your Winter Wedding

Even though spring and summer tend to be the most popular wedding seasons due to their warm
temperatures and blossoming flowers, there is something truly charming, serene and utterly magical
about a winter wedding celebration. Whether it’s the sparkling white backdrop or the silence and the
peace of the falling snow, winter weddings are always romantic and absolutely beautiful.
If you’ve decided on a gorgeous winter celebration and are wondering how you can make it more
unique and memorable, here are the best ways to elevate your winter wedding.

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Photography by Ben Yew 

1. Keep your guests warm and cosy

When winter comes around, we all love being bundled up in chunky knits and furry and fuzzy materials,
especially when snowflakes start to fall, which is why a winter wedding celebration is the ideal time to
amplify the cosiness. A great idea would be to ask your servers to greet your guests at the entrance with
a beautiful silver tray featuring classic mulled wine or a signature hot toddy, for that bonfire night feel. If
you decided to have an outdoor ceremony during the cold weather, scatter a few woven baskets filled
with knit scarves and mittens around the venue, and place some throw blankets on the seats to keep
your guests warm. A warming hut reminiscent of the mountainside is also ideal for an outdoor bar area.

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Photography by Ben Yew 

2. Choose the best bridal outfit

Whether your ceremony is held indoors or outdoors, you are most likely going to spend a lot of time
outside getting your photos taken, which is why it’s essential to stay warm and comfortable. Winter
weddings are the ideal time to opt for high necklines and elaborate sleeves, which might be too hot in
the warmer months, along with elegant gowns adorned with beautiful wintery details, such as sequins,
pearls, crystals and feathers. A stylish wool cape or a cropped faux fur coat is also a must for staying
warm and cosy. When it comes to accessories, a great idea would be to opt for beautiful Moon magic
jewellery. Made with bright, pastel moon stones combined with silver or rose gold metals, these
jewellery items are perfect for completing the winter wonderland bridal fantasy.

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3. Opt for festive decorations

A winter wedding is the perfect time to opt for a holiday season colour palette, whether that means
pairing whites with soft pastels, combining black and white with silver or gold, or even choosing
seasonal reds and greens. No matter which colour scheme you select, make sure to incorporate it in
everything from your invitations to the venue decor elements, to create a more cohesive theme
throughout the wedding. As layering adds more interest to your design, don’t be afraid to pair fresh
flower centrepieces with candles of varying heights or scatter some faux snow over your table linens,
while adding texture with beautiful faux fur throws around the venue. It’s exactly the small yet intricate
details like this that will elevate your wedding decor.

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4. Offer fun seasonal drinks

Having a drink that feels festive will help get all of your guests in the right mood for a winter party. If you
decide to offer a signature cocktail at the reception that truly embodies the spirit of the season, you can
try something new and interesting, such as a ginger snap martini, cranberry mimosa or gingerbread
eggnog. It would also be a wonderful idea to offer a cocktail station with a dispenser and elegant
glassware, or even decide to serve the drinks in individual dishes sculpted from ice, which will keep the
cocktails chilled, while providing visual appeal. Ice sculptures are a beautiful way to elevate a winter
wedding celebration, and they add a truly glamorous touch to any decor.

Photography by Hayley Savage

5. Choose a tasty wintery dessert

To continue on the seasonal theme, take the traditional aspects of a wedding, and put some fun,
customized wintery spins on them. Surprise your guests with something unique, such as a hot cocoa
station filled with small, seasonally inspired desserts. Instead of the classic tiered wedding cake, keep
the cold weather in mind and opt for a warm, molten cake instead. Don’t be afraid to try something new
and get creative with your menu options, as it’s exactly this uniqueness and personalisation that will
make your wedding day memorable, and your guests feel taken care of and loved.
From walking down the aisle through the fluffy snow, feeling the crisp air on your cheeks, to sipping
champagne with your guests next to the warmth of the fireplace, a winter wedding is a truly magical
experience that can only be elevated and improved with these incredible celebratory tips.

By Sophia Smith