7 Wedding Planning Tips for the Maid of Honour

Planning a wedding can be an incredibly rewarding experience – but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one. In fact, many, if not all, brides find themselves overwhelmed as they attempt to juggle their personal lives on top of planning one of the most significant events in their lives. That’s where the wedding party comes in. And to take point on the operation is the Maid of Honour, who can do quite a bit to make the bride’s life easier. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to step in and how to help, however, which is why we’ve created this quick guide! Here are seven wedding planning tips for the Maid of Honour.

Listen to the Bride

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Sometimes it can be so exciting being such a vital part of the wedding that you forget about the main planner – the bride. While you don’t have to plan your life around a wedding that isn’t your own, doing your best to support the bride is certainly within your power. Ask how you can help and really listen to the response. Together, come up with a game plan, then take action!

Start Planning Early

Many weddings are planned at least a year in advance. That means that you might have known you were going to take on the role of MOH for quite a while before the big day – it wasn’t a surprise, in other words. Don’t ignore the impending event. Get started early and begin planning your participation as soon as possible. This includes collaborating with the other bridesmaids to help ensure the bride gets everything she needs before the big day. Get a planner, or use wedding planning apps to schedule everything from bridal showers, bachelorette party, spa days, and even beauty sleep before the big day.

Prepare An Emergency Bag for the Wedding Day

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As MOH, be prepared for everything. Whether it’s a red wine stain on the wedding dress or a hair spray deficit, make sure you pack all of the emergency essentials. We recommend bringing a small carry-on with everything you may need; from tissues, perfume, bandaids, and sewing kits, to stain remover, in the event of an unlikely wedding or wardrobe disaster. Here’s a great emergency kit checklist to read through if you need ideas.

Master Wedding Admin

Become the master of admin during the wedding planning season. Make sure you keep a to-do list with the bride-to-be, help with addressing wedding invitations, keep a spreadsheet of who is attending the bridal shower, and help the bride and groom keep track of the gifts they receive. It’s easy to overlook the small details, but no task is too small. Your bride will likely rely on you to help keep things organized and make sure the long list of projects are being done on time.

Calm the Nerves

It’s normal for the bride to have the wedding jitters. You may be her go-to girl for advice, late-night chats, or even a wine night. It also might be a good idea to pack essential oils, or calming tea for the big day!

Delegate Wedding Related Tasks

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Don’t expect to do everything on your own. It’s okay to pull in the rest of the wedding party if you need help. Task delegation may just be your best friend. On the day before, or of, the wedding makes sure that everyone has an assigned job so that you can focus on the bride during this special time. For instance, have one bridesmaid be in charge of bringing snacks and mimosas, while the other is making sure the groomsmen wake up on time — you will have enough on your plate!

Write an Epic Toast

Finally, make sure that you plan on giving a toast. As the MOH, you might be asked to give one and you want to have something meaningful and personal to say — if you’re the Maid of Honour, it’s likely that you have several memories and special moments to share with the crowd. Don’t leave it until the last minute so you have time to rehearse and get feedback. And don’t forget to bring tissues!

Being the Maid of Honour can be a big task, however, it is very meaningful and you should do it with pride. Be prepared, stay calm, and do your best, because who knows…the next person to need a Maid of Honour might just be you!

By Stephanie James, a freelance writer, who covers a variety of topics from wellness and fitness to lifestyle. You can connect with her and see more of her published work, here.