A Crazy Bright Pastel Wedding Board

What’s up and new in the hood hommies!!

As spring is all around and full of bright pastely colours, I thought you would love my recent wedding inspiration board.  Actually this all reminds me of tulips, as tulips come in so many beautiful colours.

I love, love, love colour, especially the bright kind (yes I’m gay), it’s tasty and completely yummy; hence why I love spring and would only want to get married at this time of year!

I’ve been working on a  few pastel weddings recently and combined them together to get this colourful board.  I wanted to show an original take on this by adding space hoppers in bright colours!  I don’t know about you, but to me space hoppers would be all over a bright pastel wedding if I were to be involved.  Big balloons, colourful flowers and ferris wheels are also in my head for this flamboyant theme

Anyway, enough of my jibber jabber here is a bright colourful pastel wedding inspiration for you and your wedding………..

Wedding Inspiration

Oohhhhhhhh so yummy, don’t you think?

As always I would like to thank the fantastic vendors, where I got the inspiration from.

Shoes – Kelly Dillon Photography

Flowers – We Heart It

Bunting/Aisle – Mango Studios

Cake – Unknown, sorry guys L

Lana Del Rey

Big Balloons – Estilo – Tendances

Ferris Wheel – My Luscious Life

Space Hoppers – TST Toys

You can see the photos and more at my Pinterest board, check it out here.

Thanks again, you beauts.

Anyway, I hope I’ve inspired you and I wish you a very merry spring.

Lots of love.

Matthew Oliver your Wedding Planner xxx