A Hidden Gem in Muscat, Oman

Márhaba (hello in Omani)

How are all you lovely people today?  Did you have a wonderful weekend?  Anyone get married?

So I go back to the ‘Hidden Gems Around The World‘ in this post as it’s been a while since I showed you one!  I thought I would share today’s one because of my recent visit to Oman for a recce as one of my clients are getting married there later this year!  All I can say is that I was extremely impressed by everything, and I’ve never been anywhere so, so clean before!  Literally the whole place was spotless!  I was also told to be careful and camp it down, if you know what I mean?  Though seriously people just worried me for no reason as I felt incredibly safe.

On my visit I visited a few outstanding Hotels, to see if any would suit my couples requirements.  We saw about 5, and each were perfect in their own ways!  I fell in love with a perfect hidden gem, The Chedi, Muscat, Oman and as you know I love small intimate Hotels and the Chedi just ticked all the boxes for me!  I know it’s a chain, but it’s a special chain and deserves to be on my hidden gems list!

Oman Wedding PlannerOman Wedding Planner

Before even reaching the Hotel you see no signs no grand entrance, just to show that they want to be hidden and only welcome those special guests!  Of course people know of the place as it’s in a great location in central Muscat and right on the sea.  Though if you weren’t searching for it, you would just think it was someones amazing house!

Oman Wedding PlannerOman Wedding PlannerOman Wedding Planner

Even if it looks small, it’s nothing but as it has 158 guest rooms and villas, 6 restaurants, a spa, 3 swimming pools, a health club plus two executive meeting rooms!  Though there is something captivating when you visit and you just feel that you’re the only person there!

Oman Wedding PlannerOman Wedding PlannerOman Wedding PlannerOman Wedding PlannerOman Wedding Planner

For a wedding they have created numerous areas of where to hold it, which have been definitely thought of very well so they can cater for a range of sizes and give those areas some privacy!  Though I would suggest it does cater for smaller weddings a lot better than larger ones, not to say they can’t do it (you can book out the whole Hotel), it will just be more intimate if you had a smaller one.

The options are…

The Legian Private Dining Area

Oman Wedding Planner

The Nam Hai Private Dining Area

Oman Wedding Planner

The Chedi Pool Cabana

Oman Wedding Planner


The Beach Restaurant

Oman Wedding PlannerOman Wedding Planner

Though they even have a few lawns which you’re allowed to use for dinning and dancing, as long as the event doesn’t disturb the other guests!

This was also the place I was converted to watermelon juice!  I now crave them all the time!

Don’t you just love it?  I’m totally in love with this place, and I’m sure you can see why with all these pictures I included :-).

With the range of sites and intimacy the Chedi Muscat, Oman stands tall to host a marvellous wedding for those couples looking for something a little different, classy, yet elegant!  I’ll be more than happy to help assist you in planning your wedding here ;-).

Thank you for popping by and I hope you have a lovely, lovely day!


Matthew Oliver Wedding and Event Planner xx