A Little Monday Madness……..

Hello, hello and happy Monday Madness everyone.

It has been such a madness Monday, purely because it is a Monday and always find myself busy and not really seeing any results.  How have your Monday Madness gone?  Any Madness stories your itching to tell?

I know it’s not really relevant to the madness but I do have a little bit of advice to try and stop madness from being created.

Planning a wedding can be complete madness.  It is so, so important to make sure you don’t get lost, become over confident and mostly get stressed.  This becomes very unhealthy and you see yourself worrying more and more about your day and sometimes over do it.


Regardless if you use a wedding planner or not (which you should always consider, especially if you have a busy life) you need to rely on someone very close to you to help with the you!  You are the most important and you will be the one putting it together, so you will need a right hand man/lady just to be there for you otherwise it can end up in complete madness.

Wedding Planner

Got a little bored and descided to draw a Monday Madness logo haha, in how I thought Monday Madness will look.

Remember it’s about you and not the madness…………………………………….

Love Your Wedding Planner

Matthew Oliver xxxxxxx