A Slight Obsession With Everything That Sparkles

Hello there! I am Roxanne.Roxanne Wedding Planner, Salisbury

Things to know about me:

–          I am a hopeless romantic

–          Favourite actress: Jennifer Lawrence

–          Favourite Model: Suki Waterhouse

–          Favourite Popstar: Taylor Swift

–          Weddings are magical

–          Music makes life better

–          Creating things is my dream

–          TV is my life education (love it too much – even have a tattoo to prove it!)

–          Love a quote

–          Sing and dance like a crazy person – mainly when alone

–          Always remain positive

–          Adore fashion

–          I worship anything that sparkles

Please stick with me, this is my first post (hopefully not my last). As the title suggests I am like a little magpie. If you look through my wardrobe, house, pinterest or make-up you will see that if it shines I brought it. I just can’t help myself. Therefore it felt only natural that my first post would be about how to make your wedding sparkle….. Literally, with sequins and glitter and gold shiny objects, metallic’s and gems, diamonds, embellishments, even hundreds of fairy lights of candles… I think you might get the point.  So here are some jpegs…..

Glitter Wedding Ideas1.gold sequin dress 2. Sparkle gold cakes 3. Gold cutlery place setting 4. Glitter eye shadow – unknown 5. Stacked gold rimmed plates 6. Glitter dipped champagne 7. embellished headpiece 8. Sparkle aisle 9. Glitter throwing bridesmaids 10. Embellished wedding garter 11. Embellished hair slide 12. Rose gold shoes Manolo Blahnik 13. Embellished head band – unknown 14. Glitter in a bowl 15. Gold Badgley Mischika shoes

And light up the place, inside or outside, candles or bulbs. They all shine.

Beautiful Wedding Lighting

1.Chandeliers over candles  2. Bulb backdrop  3. Thousands of candles – unknown 4. Gold bottles with candles 5. Chandelier 6. Candles in the wood – unknown

Let’s talk dresses! Ellie Saab and Jenny Peckham all come to mind when I think of embellishments.

Sequin Wedding Dresses

1.Ellie Saab 2. Jenny Peckham 3. Hayley Paige Paloma 4. Gold sequin dress – unknown 5. Ellie Saab 6. Shimmery dress 7. Ellie Saab

Sparkle Wedding Dresses

1.Ellie Saab 2. Jenny Peckham 3. Hayley Paige 4. Jenny Peckham 5. Gold sequin dress – unknown (believe it’s also Ellie Saab) 6. Ellie Saab 7. Hayley Paige Star

And why not take some inspiration from my favourite sparkly dress wearing popstar.

Taylor Swift Dresses

1. Taylor Swift white Jenny Peckham dress 2. Taylor Swift sparkle dress 3. Taylor Swift Grammys dress 4. Taylor Swift Gucci Grammys dress

And of course bridesmaids. OR maybe these could be bridal dresses… there are NO RULES!

Bridesmaid Glitter Dresses

1.Gold bridesmaid dress 2. Silver bridesmaid dresses 3. Pink sequin bridesmaid dress 4. Kate Moss silver tassel dress 5. Phase eight Luna sequin gown 6. ASOS Forever Unique long silver dress 7. Sequin gown 8. ASOS Needle & Thread embellished dress 9.  Topshop embellished pink maxi dress

Whether it’s the smallest detail of embellishment or sparkles covering your entire space.

Wedding Glitter Design

1.pink sequined cloth 2. White table with gold backdrop 3. Gold sequin cloth with ghost chairs 4. Oversized gold sequin cloth with flowers across chair 5. Large sequin tablecloth 6.mint and gold table setting 7. Oversized gold tablecloth on round table 8. Rose gold table cloth 9. Gold tablecloth with chairs

Let’s not diminish sparkles, glitter and embellishments to particular seasons (I’m talking about you Christmas/New Year). I think it can look perfect any season, anywhere including the beach! Visualise the shimmer of the wedding against the shimmer of the sun against the water. Magical.

And the last touch…. Sparklers. Naturally.

Wedding Fireworks

1.People with sparklers 2. Heart sparkler 3. Mason jar sparkler – unknown  4. Fireworks


Every wedding day should SHINE!

So go on Let Your Love Sparkle !!

X Rox X