A Tweedy Wedding

Hallo, I keep to my words and here’s my 4th post of a week and a very special design board too!

I’m sure you all know, well if you don’t I have a massive love for Tweed and I mean MASSIVE!!  Even to the point if I were going to get married (maybe one day) I would most probably wear Tweed and design the whole wedding around it; completely country style, not forgetting the marmite of course.  Haha a Tweed and Marmite wedding, who’d a thought!

As I have a huge love and I create weddings and design boards I thought I would create this little number ‘A Tweedy Wedding’ for you to see my passion and love for this beautiful fabric.

I would totally love to hear your thoughts and if you’re married did you use Tweed at all?

Here it is chappos

Country Weddings

What do you think?

I’m not only in love with Tweed I’m in love with that man in the photo, totally my ideal man :-/, is that too much?

As always here are the links to the inspirations.

Font – Tweed (yeah it does exist)

Different Styles – Unknown L (if known please let me know)

Tweed One Poster – Unknown L (if known please let me know)

1950’s Lady – Unknown L (if known please let me know)

Tweed Rose – Not On The High Street/ Julianna Grove

Beautiful Man – Noooooooooooooo – Unknown L (if known please let me know)

Bow Tie – Etsy/Moaning Minnie

Tweed Crate – John Lewis

Tweed Male Shoes – Hudson Shoes

Harris Tweed Logo – Cad & the Dandy

Thank you to all the inspiration, you guys are amazing.

I was playing with Photoshop filters and I created this (an alternative design)…

Country Weddings

Thanks for popping by and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the next 5 Reasons video.

Love you all.

Matthew Oliver xx