A Well Travelled Bride

Bonjour beauty’s and handsome’s!

How have you all been?

Finally the sun has come back out in the UK!  It definitely causes for celebration, especially as in the last month we’ve witnessed every season!

I’ve been meaning to write to you all and say how delighted I am to be featured on my newest and most favourite blog/directory at the moment ‘A Well Travelled Bride’.

Matthew Oliver International Wedding PlannerThere style, personality and detail is exactly what I’m after in a brand who represents me!  From the moment they first contacted me I knew I wanted to be part of their journey in taking over the world – which I have no doubt they will!  I love fresh blogs/directories that give each of there associates time, attention and the chance to get to know one another even if they’re across the world in New Zealand.  I just feel exceptionally comfortable and love their approach!

Hay they have even said that they’ll try and help me reach my dream this year in getting an Austria wedding!  You know me – you always have to have a dream!

They have created a great directory called the A – B List showcasing some of the worlds freshest talents in an easy way to view and get to know!

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

If you’re planning an international wedding then their blog is going to be so useful for you – especially once they’ve had a few months to get settled; already they have some wondrous articles from around the world – talk a look below.

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

I also love that both owners have had their own experiences within the wedding industry either designing beautiful wedding gowns or flying all over the world arranging scrumptious floral arrangements – from this you know how that they’re here to help you instead take your money and never contact you again!

Even though I loved them from their first email, the moment I actually fell in love with them was from their interview on me where they really made me feel special and honoured to be part of there community!

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

Above is the introduction, but how nice is that?  Read the rest here!

So if you’re a bride or even a wedding professional A Well Travelled Bride is going to be special to everyone soon!

Thank you so much for popping by and love you all!

Matthew Oliver

International Wedding Planner xx