Advertised In Vow Magazine

Bonjour comment allez-vous?

Not sure why I decided to say hello how are you in French, but never mind!  It must be because it’s Friday whoop whoop and it’s my first weekend off in such a long time!  I actually don’t know when the last time was.  I’m hoping to have a trip to Ikea so I can get new office furniture :-).

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I advertised in Vow magazine recently; it’s the first time I’ve actually paid to be advertised in a magazine, as I’ve been very lucky with writing certain pieces and having interviews that I’ve never had to do this before.

As you may know they recently did an interview on me and it was a great feature I thought I would advertise this quarter, because the magazine is so fresh and clean.

Here is the advert…

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Event Planner

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Event Planner

Nice advert/page isn’t it?  What do you think?

Sorry it’s not a very exciting post; thought you would like to know what I’ve been up too?

Thank you for popping down, et avoir une merveilleuse soirée (sorry I can’t help it, I love French).


Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner xx