An Update To Life!!!

Bonjour!  It’s been a while and there is so much to talk about, more than a simple blog post can capture!

In short, and what has been happening in MO for the last few months is…

  • We designed and planned a wedding for Oman royalty at the Mandarin Oriental in January
  • We opened up premises in Bradford-on-Avon – we call it the Studio
  • We created a brand new logo inspired by Winston (our lovely Red Setter)
  • Millie has joined the team as our intern
  • Bertie is joining the team as the business planner

Also a lot is happening in the next few months…

  • Brand new re-branded website is going to be released within the next couple of months
  • Weddings all over – UK, Scotland and France!
  • I know I keep saying it, but the 5 Reasons will be coming back!
  • I’m turning 30!!!!!

So as you can see it’s all happening which is very exciting, so please stay tuned for everything to unravel and please stay patient as once the new site is up and live we’ll bring back more tips, advice, design boards etc for the blog to give you the inspiration you need to plan your wedding.

Here is the studio in Bradford-on-Avon.

International Wedding Planner

International Wedding Planner
International Wedding Planner

photo credits – Hayley Savage Photography

We’re really happy with the rate everything is moving with MO and like always I really appreciate all the support you give.

Thank you so much for popping by and stay tuned!


Matthew Oliver

International Wedding Planner xx