Atmosphere and Ambience at Weddings!

Yo!  WOW!  It’s been a while since I posted. I remember back in the day when I used to post quite regularly now finding time in doing this is hard but, I have been told off quite a lot by various people that I need to come back on board and post – so here I am!  Hello!

How are you all?  I hope you’re all well and having a brilliant start to your week?

I was posting this image on Instagram and thought this would make a great blog post –

Destination Wedding Planner

photo credit – 37 Frames

I was talking about the atmosphere at a wedding and why it’s extremely important, one of the most important parts of a wedding in fact.  Guests generally always remember the ambience and the flow of a wedding over food, which is what a lot of people think is the most important – of course, it is important, but in years to come people will remember the atmosphere!

The two easiest forms of creating an atmosphere are –

  1. The Lighting – lighting is something that can make or break the wedding for instance, if you’re outside and there is nothing, then, of course, no one can see and that will be utterly awkward!  On the other hand, having boring lighting in an event space can create something extremely dull!  You need to work with not only your style but the style of the venue too and what you want to create!  You can easily hire great lighting companies that pitch up for you and actually look after all the lighting throughout the day, even a couple of spotlights, can make a huge difference.  A very easy way of setting the lighting is just getting tonnes and tonnes of candles at different heights and just go crazy – candles create romance, and that is what you want for your wedding.
  2.  Sound – everyone loves music right?  Then why would you have some awful version of your favourite song sung by a mediocre singer, who can’t really sing?  Music (like flowers) needs to be really thought about, as this can also make or break a wedding.  Your mission is to keep the flow going throughout each part of the wedding, and keeping to that style to that particular part of the day, everyone is so different and likes different kinds of music, so why not use that and have WHAT YOU WANT AT THE WEDDING, because 1) it’s personal to you, and 2) people know you like this music, and can see how happy you are.  Live music is always the best choice, but on a budget just make sure to hire great speakers, and you can download some incredible Spotify playlists to play throughout the day – just remember to download them.

Anyway, I have talked for too long, as it was only going to be a quick post.

Have I missed anything?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject?

Huge love and don’t worry you’ll be hearing from me more now 😉

Matthew Oliver

International Wedding Planner x