atzaro hotel wedding planners

Atzaro Hotel Wedding Planners

Ibiza is the party capital of Europe but it’s so much more as a destination. The island is blessed with some of the most beautiful nature spots in the Meditarranean – and there’s plenty of peace and tranquilty to be found away from the world-famous nightclub scene (or in combination if you want a good party before or after your special day!).

Atzaró Hotel Agrotrismo is a venue which distills the unique experience of Ibiza. The unique atmosphere of the Balearic island can be found in the combination of natural beauty and luxury found in this 5-star resort.

With beautifully-maintained gardens, pavilions and pools make this a venue that has a huge variety of spaces to enjoy during your special day.

Many couples choose to have their ceremony in one of the many natural settings such as alongside the 43-metre fresh water pool or amongst the olive trees that are dotted around the resort.

 The Hotel Atzaró is a venue which combines prestige with natural beauty making it an ideal choice for couples looking to discover the beauty of the Balearic islands.

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As UK-based destination wedding planners, Matthew Oliver Weddings work in a huge variety of venues across the world. Atzaro Hotel is the perfect venue for couples seeking a venue that blends high-end facilities with a magical natural setting.

Thanks to our years’ of working as wedding planners, plus our local supplier contacts we would be happy to assist you planning your big day!

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