Autumn Wedding Inspiration – The Incredible Gifted Heart Cakes; Luxury Wedding Cake Design

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Following on from last weeks, weekly autumn wedding inspiration of the photo shoot I directed (like the sound of that), of a gay tweedy wedding design, I have an incredible supplier to introduce you all too…

Emma Waddington, from Gifted Heart Cakes.

Emma’s cakes are not only some of the most scrumptious cakes I’ve ever had the joy to try they actually look fabulous!!  Fabulous to the point where you think, am I actually allowed to eat/try this.

Emma’s experience and design goes back a long time, so you can be trusted that you’ll get what you’re looking for!!  Emma is one of the only people I know who I can say is versatile, she doesn’t just stick to one style or design she can do anything!!  When I say anything, I literally mean ANYTHING!!  Who has seen a hanging cake in a tree?  Who has seen a suitcase cake and who can say they’ve had a cake with various fillings?  Not your everyday fillings either!!  I mean chocolate & raspberry, chocolate & orange and white chocolate, to name just a few (Ha, I’ve just realised I put all the chocolate ones there).

Emma will literally guide you through the cake design, with all your inspiration, likes, colour, themes everything!!

Emma definitely went over and beyond with the shoot back in October.  She understood the design and style I was looking for straight away and gave ideas straight away, which I was thrilled by!!  I was so happy to have Emma on board and here’s why…

Gifted Heart CakesGifted CakesGifted Heart CakesGifted Heart CakesGifted Heart CakesGifted Heart CakesGifted Heart CakesGifted Heart Cakes
Gifted Heart CakesGifted Heart Cakes
Gifted Heart CakesGifte Heart CakesGifted Heart CakesGifted Heart CakesGifted Heart CakesGifted Heart CakesGifted Heart Cakes

Amazing!  Don’t you think?  We literally had 4 different styled cakes and a massive collection of macaroons and cupcakes!!  Perfect for a styled shoot.

I hope you enjoyed viewing this, and that it gives you great inspiration?

For more on Emma, check out her lovely gifted website, here.

Also featured in the photos are…

Photographer – Hayley Savage

Florist – Blooming Workshop

Dresses – Brides of Winchester

Tea Hire – The Vintage Tea Hire Company

Props – Francesca and Florence 

A truly massive and big thank you to Emma.

More to come next week and I hope this has inspired y’all.

Love you all and thanks for popping by.

Matthew Oliver xx