BBC Radio Wiltshire Feature

Bonjour lovely, lovely people.  How are we today?  Enjoying Monday?  Hmmmmmmm I hate Mondays and wish we could skip them.  I was actually thinking about starting a partition on changing our calendar, days, months and years, so we can have 3 days off at weekends and still have a 5 day week, so instead of a 7 day week it will be an 8 day week.  What do you think?  I totally think this can happen, and the new day will be called Moday, as I thought of it.  Would you sign the partition?

Anyway, again I was going off route on why I’m actually here.  I’m writing this post today because I was recently on BBC Wiltshire again talking about my job as a wedding planning as they wanted to talk to male one as the majority of planners are female.

It was lovely feature, although I was trying to cook at the same time I went off track a bit!  I’m sure you’ll notice and I totally froze when he asked what are the crazy things I’ve seen, I stupidly said a Dalek cake (I’ve never seen one of those at weddings hahaha).

Here it is and I hope you like it?

Just thought I would add it on here and add it to my press page for those of you who want to keep up to date with my news etc.

Hope you have a great day and let me know your thoughts on this partition and I’ll make it happen, OK?

Love you all and thanks for popping by.

Matthew Oliver Your Wedding Planner xx