BBC Radio Wiltshire Interview

Hello, hello, ello lovely people.

How are you all today?  What a week yeah?  I hope the weather is well where you are?

I don’t know if you knew or not, but did you see (hear) that I was on the radio last week?  I was on radio Wiltshire, where Sue Davies had to guess what I did for a living!  It was a little tongue and chic, but it was fun and I enjoyed being part of the show as its great advertising.

If you would like to listen, you can listen below.  It’s not the best recording, but you get the general gist!!

What did you think?  Do you think you would have guessed if you didn’t know what I did?

It was a great way of getting my little old name out.

Thanks for popping by and listening and I hope you have a wonderful day/weekend.

Love you all

Matthew Oliver