BBC Radio Wiltshire Wedding Gift Discussion

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Last week was definitely press week for me, and this was my third feature!  I was in the recent issue of Perfect Wedding Magazine (just waiting for my copy) giving a top tip on how to let your bridesmaid know you want her as your bridesmaid!  I was also on the incredible Style Me Pretty with one of my recent weddings!  So not a bad week, because I was also on the radio!

BBC Radio Wiltshire asked me to discuss wedding gifts for a discussion radio feature, to see if I’ve seen a change in couples receiving gifts and instead receiving money or vouchers at their wedding! It’s the whole money vs. gifts again!!

It was a good discussion, which you can hear below…

I would always say have a gift registry/honeymoon registry than ever asking for money at a wedding as it’s so much more personal.  Though it’s your wedding and if you ask for money, then your guests need to obey your wishes.  If you do ask for money, say in the invite where the money will go, home improvements, new home, holiday, you can even hold a thank you party :-).

Again this was a great opportunity, to be on the radio again!  It’s becoming quite frequent.

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