BMOO = Bad Media Over Olympics

I know I’m repeating myself quite a lot about this post, but I need to express my feelings over it as it is making me so annoyed!! So please like, share, follow or RT!!

I’m sick to death of fellow Britain’s not appreciating our Olympians!! It’s an honour for them to be part of such a remarkable event and showcasing the United Kingdom.

As the public they need all our support and belief to do the best they can in each event NOT hate mail, bad comments, nasty words etc!! I can’t believe what I’m reading and seeing!! It makes me sick to think we are doing this and not supporting them, especially as we are hosting this great event!!

So what if they don’t get a medal it’s an honour for them and for us for what they all are achieving.

I want you to think and think hard now, firstly can you do what there doing? Secondly would you like it if you reached your dream and then received bad media about you? I think we all would say no! So please let’s forget about the medals and support not just there dreams but ours as well.

Matthew Hiscutt July 31st 2012