DIY – Flowers in Jam Jars

I bring you my first of many today as I’m DIY’ing and this is on how to put flowers in jam jars!

Flowers in jam jars are becoming more and more popular, with couples personalising them to match there theme.

They are famous for table arrangements, but you can also put them around the room, on your cake/dessert table or maybe use them for favours.  There is so much you can do with this ever so easy DIY trick.

What you need:-

  • Jam Jar or Jam Jars  (if you are making more than one);
  • Flowers (I picked mine from the garden, but you can buy some for more choice);
  • Elastic bands or ribbon;
  • Water.

I loved producing this video as it was fun and creative.

Love you all and speak soon.

Matthew Oliver xx