DIY Wedding Makeup!

Hi my lovelies, how are you?  So remember Amy, well she is back with a follow on giving you important tips if you’re doing your own wedding makeup.  Enjoy and over to the beautiful Amy…

Whether you are tackling your own wedding makeup or roping in a friend to do it for you, you may need some advice. If this is you, I hope this blog will be of some help. (Also for more tips see my previous blog – ‘A bit of advice for spring/summer brides’ )

I’ll start with a few important things to remember:

1. Don‘t wait to practice your wedding look. If you are doing it yourself, I imagine its quite easy to say “I’ll have time later” and put it off until the last minute, but don’t! Wedding make up is more complicated than everyday make up. It needs to last all day and look great in all lights, so I insist you practice! Plan a day/night out, that way you can really test its durability.

2. Help is out there! And allowed! Just because you are DIY-ing it doesn’t mean you can’t have any help. Don’t forget that you can book a lesson with a makeup artist. There are also many tutorials online, but don’t be afraid of your local cosmetic counter – their advice is free!

3. I will say it again – your makeup needs to last all day! So when shopping for products focus on ‘long lasting’ and ‘waterproof’.

As every person is different, so is every bride. However, most brides do fall into a type bracket regarding makeup. Here are my 5 types: 

  1. The Classic bride: Natural makeup with a hint of old Hollywood glamour.

  2. The Boho Beach bride: natural, fresh and sun kissed.

  3. The pretty bride: A soft sophisticated look, pink and peaches.

  4. The modern city bride: Soft smokey eye – a look with a little more edge.

  5. The themed bride: Depends on the theme (obviously).

You might already know what type of bride you are, but if you are unsure think of your colour scheme, venue, decorations and your brides maids dresses, as well as your own.

If you are getting married outside or by the sea then perhaps you’re a ‘boho beach bride’. If you are having your reception in a stately home then maybe your a ‘classic bride’. If your dress is soft and floaty, perhaps chiffon, and your bridesmaids are wearing pale pink then you could be a ‘pretty bride’.

Once you’ve decided on your look you can choose your products and begin! 

1. First thing first, when you get up in the morning wash your face and use a moisturizer. Don’t use anything too heavy, thick or greasy. Use a product that is light and oil free. (see previous blog post for advice on skin care routine).

2. When you are ready to start applying  your makeup (before anything else) apply your base or primer. Some think that a primer is a waste of money, although honestly its not. It will smooth over fine lines, wrinkles and open pores and make your makeup last longer. Use a small amount before your foundation.

3. Selecting the right foundation is really important, so if you don’t feel confident choosing your own colour then ask for help and check it in different lights. Your skin should look natural. This is easy if you choose the right product and apply well. How to apply? I always squeeze a small amount onto the back of my hand and using a brush, starting by the nose and blend outwards. This way I don’t end up with too much product on my face. I then use a makeup sponge to blend jaw line to neck, towards collar bones. However, be very careful when getting into your dress.

“Remember that too much makeup, too heavier layers will wear quickly and crack. The Key to Lasting makeup is thin layers”

4. Concealer is the next step. Its thicker than foundation in consistency because its designed to cover. So use as little as needed. However, you will find that you naturally apply less when added over the foundation, because your foundation will have already evened out your complexion.

“remember a green concealer will dull red blemishes”

When using a highlighter be careful, use sparingly. I only tend to use it on certain occasions and remember when applying it that people will be using the flash setting on their cameras.

Some people prefer a more sculpted look, in this case its used in many places. Otherwise I would advise using a touch under the brow, in the corner of your eyes and to the ‘cupid’s bow’.

5. Blush and powder. Before you use powder I suggest using a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend along the cheek bone. You can top up afterwards with a blush powder.

…………OK, now you can apply your powder. Be careful not to apply too much. Like foundation, I use a ‘houpette’ and pat onto the back of my hand before gently pressing the powder onto my skin. This way you avoid using too much. I then use an over-sized brush to dust loose powder off, but avoid your top lip (it sounds mean, but if you don’t wax it, powder will only draw attention to this).

6. When it comes to eye makeup remember that you are attending a wedding – and your own. Keep in mind your that your Dad will probably say something to make you cry, whether its something embarrassing or simply “I very proud of you!” You might think that you wont cry, but its much safer to assume that you will! There as so many waterproof products out there, not just mascaras but liners, eye shadows and creams.

For a natural and pretty look start by applying a light creamy colour to the entire eyelid. Then use a brown tone in the crease. Blend well and apply a brown pencil along the lash line before curling lashes and applying a brown mascara. If you have never used a cream eye shadow before now go ahead and try one. They are super easy to use. Applying a powder shadow over the top will intensify the colour and look.

7. Finally…lips. If you haven’t got a colour in mind then pick a tone that compliments your blush. Use a liner, but remember to colour in the entire lip with the crayon before applying the lipstick. This way you wont end up with an outlined pair of lips at the end of the night, and it will last longer.

“remember: if you want to add impact to your look, only go statement with one feature! lips or eyes.”

Essentials to keep in your purse on the big day:

  •  cotton buds-tissues
  •  powder press
  •  lipstick
  •  blusher and eyeliner – in case you want to intensity your look for the evening reception
  •  oh and tic-tacs for obvious reasons

There we are, I hope I’ve answered some questions but if you have more, as always you are welcome to email me.

Finally Congratulations! have a fantastic wedding day!

France Makeup Artist