5 Reasons… Don’t go Over the Top With your Décor & Design, for your Wedding!

Good afternoon!  What is new in the hood my lovelies?

How are you all enjoying this superb and beautiful weather?  It’s striking and makes me utterly happy.  I wore shorts and a t-shirt on the weekend!  Not sure why I shared that, but hay ho.

So less than 3 weeks till you’ll be seeing less of me and more of Winston (Red Setter Pup).  He is going to replace me as I feel he will 1) be better to look at and 2) go viral.

Anyway, today’s 5 Reasons video is why you need to make sure not to go over the top too much with your décor and design.  Of course it is extremely easy to as one day you buy this and another day you buy this; when it comes to your wedding you’ll have loads of items and you feel you have to use them!

Remember a lot of venues don’t need too much, and if you want to add something, add flowers and extend your flower budget instead of paying £3 for that and £7 for that!  Everything adds up you know.

This video is just here to give my knowledge of the fact; like I always say, you don’t need to listen to me!  That is the last thing I want, is to push you down the wrong road.  These videos are here to make you aware of what you can do, not what you can’t do, because there is nothing you can’t do with your wedding!!

Oh dear, I was rambling then again, wasn’t I?  Before I go off again here is the video; enjoy my lovelies.

What did you think??  Like the video said if you’re going for a crazy theme/design, this video will not be of any use!!  However, still keep in mind too much, is too much sometimes.

God, I love you all and thank you soooooooo much for popping by.

Happy springs day everyone.

Matthew Oliver.