Dressing the Groom pt 2


A while ago I uploaded a guest blog post on ‘dressing our beautiful grooms‘.  Not sure if you remember it or not, but we’ve decided to re-touch on it with some repeated ideas and new ones on how the groom should dress!

If you’re a bride to be, then you’re probably overwhelmed by advice on how to choose a wedding dress.  There is certainly no shortage of options, tips, and helpful information out there.  Therefore, should we choose to get married, we probably already know how to choose the right dress for our budget, body type, and style preferences.

On the other hand, whilst the choice for males is growing, there is still a slight lack of options.  Things can be a bit tricky for the groom, especially if you happen to not process that elusive style gene.  If you’re not particularly confident in the arena of fashion, or need some inspiration, when you start researching, you will find a surprising array of options.  Yes, they might all follow typical suit starting point, but there is so much more you can do with it.

Whilst wedding site can certainly help with those big decisions, when it comes to fashion, you can really insert your personality more than any other wedding category.

Here is your short yet fabulous guide to dressing the groom, including those important final touches.

Fabric and material

Dressing the Groom

One of the biggest considerations in buying a wedding suit is the height and weight of the fabric.  This will be instrumental in ensuring the grooms comfort. After all, you’re going to be spending all day running around, the nerves are likely to make you sweat and the layers can be uncomfortable and restricting.  Since most weddings take place during the summer months, the most popular materials for a grooms suit are lightweight mohair or a wool.  You can even choose a silk blend to make the outfit a little bit more luxurious.  If you’re much more tempted by a winter wedding, and have yours coming up this year in fact, then try looking at a heavy wool or even a traditional tweed suit.  These are comfy and look super cool!

Dressing the Groom

Fit and body type

Whether you choose to rent or buy a suit, making sure that the suit fits properly is key to a successful wedding outfit which will be featured in all your videos and photographs.  It sounds like an obvious statement to make, but you’d be surprised how uncomfortable you can get.  Once you’ve got your suit, it’s good to have a test run (making sure you keep the suit in good condition with all the tags so you can exchange if needs be).

And don’t forget the certain important details too such as the bottom of the trousers breaking on top of the shoe, tapering down slightly over the heel and fingertips reaching the bottom of the jacket.  Those small factors will make a huge difference.  A qualified tailor will be able to advise you and make sure that the suit fits properly.

Type of suit

The most traditional type of suit is the morning jacket.  This is the grey pinstriped single breasted suit, worn with a pale or lighter coloured waistcoat underneath commonly associated with the upper classes and the Royal family.  If you want a more casual, contemporary, or more individual suit, then you can go for something like a stroller jacket with tails, or a dashing tuxedo.

Dressing the Groom

Whilst buying a custom suit can be very expensive indeed, renting a suit is not without its unexpected expenses.

For example, you might be fined for late returns or for stains on the suit.  The strain of keeping something in perfect condition may also be playing on your mind throughout the day.  The best option is to invest in your own suit with one advantage being the sentimental value; it can be kept as a family heirloom to show your children!   You can also consider getting a suit where you would be able to wear other aspects again.

Remember that your wedding is supposed to be a fun day, and you can incorporate the theme of your wedding into your suit design by having the lining of the jacket and waistcoat match the decor, or choosing fun accessories to go with your grooms outfit.

Dressing the Groom

Great to have you back and I hope you all have a lovely day.

Matthew Oliver – Wedding Planner xx