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Yellow Weddings

Afternoon beautiful, lovely people!

How is your day been?  How has your week been?  Can you believe it’s Friday?  YAY its Friday, let the weekend commence.

As spring is only a few weeks away I thought I would get ready for it and create a sunny colour palette using the tittle and colours of ducklings and chicks!  As there super cute and we would be seeing a lot of them in Spring I wanted to brighten up our days.

The colour yellow always draws us to it, its attention seeking and loud!  Throughout my years of been a Wedding Planner the colour yellow with all its many shades has not left the industry, it’s used just as much now as it did 10 years ago, 100 years ago in fact!

The choices and materials using this colour are endless, and even though we assume this colour to be only used in spring and summer, it can also look rather warm for a fall wedding.

Top wedding themes to use yellow with our 50’s, Seaside, Festival, Rustic and Classic.

Take a look at my duckling and chick colour palette, to get you all ready for spring!

Yellow Wedding Colour Palette

I love these colours, so fresh and vibrant.

As always I like to thank the following for the inspiration.

Wedding Chicks

Style Me Pretty

Dresses Talk


Bridal Guide

Jamie Clayton Photography

Project Wedding


Massive thanks to the above.

For more duckling and chick inspiration go to my Pinterest board

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