Featured in Perfect Wedding Magazine


How have you been and did you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year?

I’m officially back now from my 2 weeks break!  You can say I’m well rested, but I would be lying because it’s been one hell of a 2 weeks break (pretty non-stop).

Anyway from now till the end of the year expect loads of posts by me, from the 5 Reasons right through to MO Loves and not forgetting my Real Weddings either!!  I’ll try and keep up with y’all.

I’ll like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS on all you new couples that got engaged over the Christmas period and I do hope this blog keeps you entertained till you tie the knot!!

Anyway before I ramble on too much (as you know I do, unless you’re new here) I wanted to share with you all that I’m featured yet again in the amazing and wondrous Perfect Wedding Magazine with some expert advice.  I’m actually on 3 pages in total!!  Can you believe it?  3 pages!!  Great press me thinks.

Here is the feature…

Matthew Oliver The Wedding PlannerMatthew Oliver The Wedding PlannerMatthew Oliver The Wedding Planner Matthew Oliver The Wedding Planner


I definitely think I should have a press page!!  So this is now underway and will show each and every feature I’ve featured in.

What do you think?  I’m quite proud of myself as I was approached for this feature.

Thanks for popping by and if you need anything, anything at all please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Love you all and happy planning.

Matthew Oliver Your Wedding Planner xx