Free PHOTO SHOOTS with the Incredible Jay Emme Photography!

Hola, hola!

So I’ve been meaning to write a few blogs this week, but it’s just been really crazy!  I think it’s to do with the month, I don’t know why, but it’s my theory.  Although I have been enjoying this lovely weather, so it does have it’s good points I guess :-).

How are you all?  What is new and how are all your wedding plans coming along?

We all love a good freebie, so I’m sure you’ll all love this one!

Free Photo Shoots


Jay Emme is one of the most funniest (looniest is the word I was going for) photographers I know and is infectious with her laugh and smiles!  We’ve got a few things going on behind the scenes, but she has recently brought 3 films to use for great creative photography.  I thought to let you all know to take use of these films and let this fantastic photographer take your photo/s!  You don’t need to be getting married, it could just be for fun and with Jay being apart of it it will be nothing but fun and crazy adventures!

All you need to do is contact her; it’s that simple!  It’s first come first served and she has limited freebies, so get in contact with her now!  It’s normally around £350.

Terms and Conditions (the small print)…

  1. Photo shoot must be within a 50 mile radius of postcode B47
  2. You can choose a location within that radius
  3. You must choose one of the following session times:  9am – 1pm Sundays or 9am – 7pm Tuesdays
  4. You’ll get an online viewing gallery, 6 gift prints and 1 low res digi file as a thank you
  5. Must be for two people only, no additional guests
  6. Session will be shot on film
  7. Couple will agree to images being allowed for promotion of Jay Emme Photography

Ermmm… They will say lovely things about me 😀

Contact her by email @ –

Meet Jay

Jay Emme Photography - Fine Art Wedding Photographer. Photo by Walker and Walker Photography

© Walker & Walker Photographers

As we know she is crazy, fun and loves adventures, but here are some of the things that brings her joy and in no particular order…

Eating food, chocolate/vanilla coffee, shiny silver trinkets, lovely friends, hula hoops, The Smalls (her children), driving, laughing, camera geekery, crocheting tiny things, cuddles, rum, travelling, good manners and bacon.

In fact, bacon, cheese, unicorns and dancing are some of the best things ever she says!

And I love her Bucket List – Help her out to tick some of those items off 🙂

If it were me reading this, I would totally take her up on this shoot, and take my 2 men with me, I’m sure a dog is allowed too??

Thanks for popping by and make sure you contact her…


Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner xx