#fridayfeeling – I Have Confidence In Me!

Bonjour my lovelies,

How are you?  Have you had a great week – I hope you’re in the Christmas spirit and getting all excited about this great time of year?

To follow on from my #fridayfeeling I’ve been doing for a few weeks now I created this one because 1) I love The Sound of Music and this song is probably my favourite musical song EVER from any musical and 2) the song has a really powerful and lighthearted meaning to give you courage and confidence.  I think everyone could relate to this especially as Maria starts out scared and worried and then at the end it’s like she is a new woman who can take on all 7 children – for me this could relate to multiple projects on going at the same time starting out a bit unsure, but once I get into it tackling it head on and becoming more confident I’ll complete the deadline in time!  Not to mention having confidence in selling myself each time I talk to new clients.Matthew Oliver Wedding - International Wedding Planner

For couples I think this meaning is really important because if you believe in what you’re capable of then you can achieve it!  Planning a wedding for the first time is like walking into a dark room, but if you have confidence in yourself then you can do it – hey you can do anything!

We should all listen to this song when we feel defeated – it will lift us back up again and help us create amazing things.  It can change lives :-).

Let me remind you of this amazing song –

Don’t you absolutely love it!

Anyway ramble over and I promise my huge love for the Sound of Music won’t be coming back soon – I don’t want to scare you all away :-).

Thank you for popping along and I hope you have a great weekend.

Matthew Oliver

International Wedding Planner