#fridayfeeling – ‘If at First You Don’t Succeed Dust Yourself Off and Try Again’

Bonjour, bonjour my lovelies.

How are you today?  Excited about the weekend?

It’s Friday – YAYYYYYYY!

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

Friday means another #fridayfeeling and today’s feeling comes from listening to the amazing Aaliyah who was a big part of my growing up!  I’m sure we all play music from our past and today I’ve been listening to Aaliyah and ‘Try Again’ came on and I thought the lyrics were so true to how I feel as I’ve had a few little knock backs recently, for example – venues saying one thing and then not producing, writing proposals and not getting answers, re-branding issues etc, etc.  Nothing effects me, because I always go by this rule as you can’t get upset or face defeat when your planning someones wedding and when you’re running your own business you literally have to dust yourself off and try again!  It doesn’t matter how many times you have to try again, just keep trying.

This also goes for when your planning your own wedding as you’re going to have a few knock backs from guests, suppliers, family so just remember Aaliyah and be the powerful person you are and take charge.

Good luck and just remember – try again!


Matthew Oliver

International Wedding Planner xx