#fridayfeeling – Invest in Yourself in 2016


Sorry I’m a week out, it’s been a very busy week in catching up with everything and getting prepared for the biggest wedding in my life for the 23rd January.

Did you have a great break?  What did you get up too?  What did Santa bring you?  I hope you got what you wanted?

I had a lovely break, although we were insanely busy driving up and down and across the country to visit family and friends and then we decided to hold an animal themed fancy dress New Years party – I of course went as Mr. Fox – what do you think, do I pull it off?


I would not have changed anything about my break – thank you to everyone who made it special for me.

Anyway, today’s #fridayfeeling is well deserved and thought it should be in the lines of a New Years quote – so I thought this one was the best – ‘Invest in yourself in 2016’.


It’s simple, to the point and perfect!  This year is going to be a very busy one and I’ve got undergo quite a few different challenges – opening a shop/studio, releasing my new logo and website, employing more staff and of course working with all the amazing, yet different weddings I have this year.

In this line of business and even when you’re planning your own wedding, everyone needs to invest time in themselves, if it’s a spa day, meeting up with friends, going on a long walk, going to Africa and helping the animals (what I want to do), doing the garden (ours is dreadful), literally anything, but it has to be for you, you, you and you – well if you decide to help animals I guess you’re helping them too, but you understand the jist?

When I say this line of business, I think I could honestly say everyone deserves to invest in themselves – I think in this day and age we’re all pressed to do the unstoppable and all we want to do is succeed, but we forget about ourselves, so lets all give us something back and to work towards this year!

For me after each wedding I’m going to invest some time in myself, and I think if you’re planning your own wedding you should do the same – not a honeymoon, but something for you, because hay you just planned your very own wedding!

So lets all raise a glass for 2016, the year we invest in ourselves :-).

What are you going to do?

Thank you for popping along and Happy New Year.

Lots of love,

Matthew Oliver

International Wedding and Events Planner xx