#fridayfeeling – May The Force Be With You…


To celebrate the fact that the new Star Wars film is out (which I’m seeing tomorrow) todays #fridayfeeling is very appropriate especially if your a huge fan like me.

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

I also think it’s extremely appropriate if you’re not a fan and if you’re getting married.  My logic in this fact is because you want your wedding to be the best ever and if you use your jedi powers this of course will happen!  Haha well not really, but of course if you plan accordingly and keep organised then that could be your way of using the force and making sure everything runs smoothly.

It’s all in the mind and if you stay on top of everything you’ll be on the way to become a jedi bride!  You don’t want to turn to the dark side, because that will just be awful – “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”

Anyway I’ll stop my geekyness right now – but I’m so excited about seeing it!

Lot’s of love,

Matthew Oliver

International Wedding Planner