#fridayfeeling – Your Speed Doesn’t Matter!

Bonjour lovely people, how are you all doing?  Any lovely weddings happening this weekend?  Do tell us what your plans are?

I’m sure most of you can relate to my #fridayfeeling today – ‘Your Speed Doesn’t Matter, Forward is Forward!’

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

Image credit – The Latest Kate (http://thelatestkate.tumblr.com/)

For me I have daily tasks and when I don’t complete them I get very anxious and annoyed at myself for not pushing myself further, but I’ve realised recently that whatever you complete in a day/week/year you should be happy with, as you’ve done something, even if you feel it’s a small thing.  Just think of it like this, the task you did instead of your days to-do list is now out of the way, which is one tick of your list, even if it wasn’t the tick you were expecting.  It is still something!

Distractions are my worst nightmare, but I’m going to embrace them!

What I’m trying to say is just give yourself credit for what you’ve achieved and don’t be let down/stressed if you didn’t do what you wanted!  I’m a complete sucker for letting myself down on this and today I’m actually feeling like this, hence why I’ve used this as my #fridayfeeling!

Forward is forward and we can do it, even if it’s going to be a long journey!

Thanks for popping by and loads of love,

Matthew Oliver

International Wedding Planner xx