Getting Around on Your Wedding Day!


The wonderful Matthew Oliver has asked me to write a little blog post for him, and since I am the ‘car buff’ in our relationship and the fact he hasn’t done a blog on wedding transport since the start of 2013!!! I thought I would give it a crack!

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To me transportation on your wedding day is pretty darn important and if done right can ensure the smooth running of the day and really adds towards your theme, helping each stage of the day tie in perfectly with one another. A lot of couples weddings are split out over a couple or more venues, each with their own tone and styles. The transportation for the wedding party can serve to continue your theme across the venues or ease your guests into the style of the next location where the festivities can continue. For weddings who have it all on site, or in close proximity to one another it brings into play other unique ways of getting guests from one place to another.

The options out there are really only limited by your imagination, it can be anything from those shown in the above images (some of my favs!) to horses, trains, canal boat or even Segwaying?!?? Obviously there will always be a chance of some practical limitations based on availability, location, distance, etc… but I don’t need to tell you that! Getting your guests from A to B, in a timely but fun fashion will keep the day on track and continue the experience which is your wedding day.

On a more serious (potentially boring!) note… if there is quite a distance between the service and wedding reception or the whole day is out in the sticks, miles from the nearest accommodation, it is worth providing transport for your guests. This gives you more control of the day and alleviates some of the stress from your friends and family if planned properly. No bride or groom wants to be stressing out making sure their third cousin twice removed isn’t stranded at the end of the night, with the only option left being he sleeps on the sofa in the bridal suite… true story. Seriously though, the extra effort could really pay off and make your perfect day that little bit more perfect.

So the point of this blog in all it’s biased glory… Wedding transport whatever it may be should have a thought or two thrown its way. The benefits can be seen from a stylistic and practical perspective, but most importantly it can ensure the controlled smooth running of the day which is all about you and the person who will be stood opposite you saying “I do”.Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner


Bertie xx