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How are we all doing today?  Anything exciting happening?  So I’m all achy after the crazy body pump session I attended on Tuesday, I went a bit overboard and now I’m suffering for it!

Lucky for you I have a lovely introductory post for you today!

Are you like me, and have no patience for wrapping gifts and presents up?  My hatred for it grows every year, especially having a partner who loves doing it and feels it’s a competition to see who has wrapped the best present/s!

So you can imagine my excitement when Kirsten from Wrapsody contacted me yesterday about what her company does!  They wrap presents and gifts!  I know right?!  My prayers have been answered for sure.

Check out her amazing logo (as you know I have a thing for quirky animal art), and if you don’t understand the name you’ll be happy to know it’s relevant…

Matthew Oliver Wedding PlannerMatthew Oliver Wedding Planner

Over to the lovely Kirsten, to tell us more about what she does…

How We Work

I run a bespoke gift wrapping service called Wrapsody, which wraps gifts for companies and individuals who want their presents to have impact, but don’t necessarily have the time, inclination or perhaps even the artistic skills to do it themselves.  We pride ourselves on being able to wrap anything (any size, any number) and can create the perfect look to match any client, event or budget.
Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner

We typically work from our studios in Hampstead (North London) – which means we pick up, wrap and deliver presents back to the client within an agreed timeframe.  We’ll pick up ourselves if you live in London or otherwise, we can use couriers (like Addison Lee) to take presents backwards and forwards.  Often people can get gifts or entire wedding lists delivered straight to us from shops like Selfridges or John Lewis and we can deliver or courier the wrapped presents back to them ready for the big day.  (We are fully insured to hold and transport people’s possessions.)

Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner

Our prices are based on the time it will take for our wrapologists to work their magic, plus the cost of any special materials.  Prices vary depending on the size of the present and how customised or embellished people want the presents to be.  Usually presents range from between £3 (a small present in just wrapping paper and ribbon) to £60 a present (a large present wrapped to a specific theme or using expensive accessories like peacock feathers or vintage jewels.)   We always use the highest quality materials, prioritising environmentally friendly resources where possible, and we can provide references from past clients.

Examples of What We Do

We are a relatively new business, in our second year but this Christmas saw us wrapping for companies like the Cafe Royal, Mastercard, Sellotape and a host of private individuals too.  We have recently been featured in the FT’s ‘How To Spend It‘ supplement and the Evening Standard.

Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner

If you take a look at our lookbook online you’ll see a small sample of the kind of gift wrapping we have done.  For weddings, we have  wrapped using sheet music and poetry that had a special meaning to the couple.  We’ve also used maps reflecting the ‘travel’ theme of a wedding reception.  For this, each table was named after a country the couple had lived in or visited together, and they wanted the favours to tie in with this romantic idea too.  We sourced maps (underground, rail, bus, city, ordnance survey) to all the different places to use as the wrapping paper.  As you can imagine, this was a fantastic talking point on the day and typical of the attention to detail the bride and groom had shown throughout.  But our most intricate job to date has actually been for a wedding industry event we did at The Globe last Summer.  This involved wrapping 100 cupcakes in a vintage theme.  These took me a couple of days to do once I had sourced all the parts (vintage charms, napkins, lace, the correct shade of ribbon etc) but the effect was beautiful.

Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner

(This is what was given out at the globe event!  I loved it and now I’m using the napkin as a pocket handkerchief; thanks Kirsten for that 🙂 )

On a day to day basis, we wrap a lot of individual gifts for adults and children.  These can typically be done for next day delivery.  I think my most unusual commission so far has been a birthday present to be wrapped in a ‘triathlon theme’ for a very sporty husband.  This involved a great many lego figures!  As you can tell, we are very creative types here at Wrapsody and can make any idea work, so we would love to hear from you if you have wedding favours, bridal party presents or wedding presents that you would like us to work our magic on.

Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner

Thank you so much Kirsten for telling us about what you do!  It’s amazing and I know I for one we’ll definitely be coming to you in the future ;-).To contact Kirsten, you can do so by emailing her at or connect with her through facebook at Wrapsody Ltd.

Thank you once again Kirsten and thank you to everyone who has popped over here today!

Have a wonderful day and lots of love,

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner xx