Hello! …my first day.

Yes, it has finally happened… Matthew and I are officially working together and so far it is going great! And no it isn’t just because Matthew is in London today and so it is just myself and Winston in the studio! To be honest with you, my first day was actually yesterday (shh!), but I was so busy with the first day craziness I forgot to tell you all! Sorry about that! So here I am writing to you now about how it’s all going…

Hayley Savage Photography

Hayley Savage Photography

We have a number of weddings coming up over the next few summer months, which means Matthew is in full planning mode! (hence the trip to London). I’m here, two days a week, to learn and support Matthew in any way he needs, from contacting venues (today’s job), working on our new website (coming soon!) and the all important (but less fun) financial side of the business. Basically the Matthew Oliver Weddings handyman! But I think I’ll probably stick with my title of Business Planner, what do you think?

Anyway I shall not bore you with my complete ‘to-do’ list! And just say that if you want to get in contact or see what I’m up to email me (bertie@matthewoliverweddings.com) or have a nose at my Instagram account (matty_hew).

Right, whilst I continue to try and decipher Matthew’s handwriting, I shall bid you good day and wish you a great weekend!
Love Bertie x