Hello world!

I’m Ceri which is pronounced as Kerri. I was born and raised in Barbados and sadly  never appreciated the beautiful beaches and lovely sunny weather until moving to UK just over a year ago. At the moment I am still adapting to British culture and learning new things each week with the help of my fabulous uni friends. Today is my first day in the office and of course I woke up excited and nervous. I was greeted in Bradford-on-Avon by a breathtaking view while crossing the bridge on my short walk to the office and then the wonderful Winston as soon as I came through the door. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome than snuggles, rubs and licks.

Destination wedding planner

Bits and pieces that I like.

People know me as firstly a dancer followed very closely by foodie. Being a lover of food allows me to go on for ages about it and no matter the conversation I will somehow bring food into it. I enjoy cooking though nowhere as much as eating. My favourite being what I call my famous quesadillas (made from scratch) because I have never gotten a bad review. To me there’s no such thing as having a favourite food but instead I believe in favourite places (yes plural) to eat, at least one for each city or genre of food. I believe the key to happiness is a glazed doughnut or a double chocolate chip cookie.

I like to think of myself as well balanced because I can be both a creative and rational thinker (depending on the situation). In my free time I find myself watching just about anything from Game of Thrones to the Royals or TedEd videos on youtube. This is usually done while sitting on the floor in my mermaid blanket pretending to be a mermaid or crocheting (my new self-taught skill) so that I feel more productive.

My mum and Nanna were once chatting about speaking your dreams and aspirations into existence and my mum said that you should have your whole wedding planned exactly as you want it and the final piece should be a groom. So being convinced that this was how to go about having the wedding I wanted I set off (like every girl) to Pinterest and began to search for what my ideal wedding would be. Having achieved what I set out to do and enjoying every second of it I told my best friend and she promptly encouraged me to do hers next. Here I am 3 years later finally on the path to a career I always thought was so unattainable.

Until next time,
Love Ceri x