A Hidden Gem In Paris

Bonjour (Quite appropriate for this post!)

How have you all been?  The sun is shining today which makes me incredibly happy, especially after a rubbish day yesterday from been on the phone to various insurance companies because some how my phone got lost in transit on the way to be fixed!  Who would steal a broken unusable phone beats me!  Anyway enough of this negativity and onto the positivity…

Some how quite strangely I’ve stared to write about beautiful venues around the world, and have called them ‘Hidden Gems’.  I didn’t realise until writing this one that this is the 3rd one so now I’ve started a new category trend called ‘Hidden Gems Around The World‘!  These can be any venue that is not really seen in the public eye and not commonly used for weddings!  As you know I’m extremely picky on wedding venues, so I thought I would give you this information so you can find something slightly different!

So we’ve been to Italy and Cyprus, it would be rude to not visit France, especially as this little gem is found just outside the romantic city of Paris!

Nestled in the heart of Barbizon, a beautiful painting village in the forest of Fontainebleau, you’ll come to the impressive Besharat Gallery, a Gallery of Contemporary Art and Suites, who invites you to experience art in all its dimensions, just for a visit or a stay devoted to beauty, nature, and well-being.

Have you ever wished to have a private dinning experience surrounded by Art?  Well at the Besharat Gallery you can do just that, with 3 large halls, 1 beautiful garden, a seating room and 5 luxury suites to choose from makes this gallery an ideal location to hold any celebration!

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To prolong the experience, 5  Suites are available.  Each dedicated to an artist of the gallery, which include their works i.e. sculptures and paintings.  Thus, whatever the time of day the Art accompanies you throughout your stay.  Each suite is different in shape, colour, decoration, and inspiration and each features a large bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, double bed and all overlook the gardens and roofs of the village.

Wedding Planner Paris Wedding Planner ParisWedding Planner ParisWedding Planner Paris

It truly is a magical/creative place and I would love to offer this to any of my clients looking for something a little different, yet creative!  Especially as I adore art, and use it a lot for inspiration!

They even have a gallery in Atlanta, which let you hire out spaces for events etc!

It’s so good to know that you have options like this and I’m sure if you have any questions talk to Mahssa, who is lovely – + 33 6 76 69 99 54, gallerybesharat@gmail.com

Thank you for popping by and I hope you have an incredible day.


Matthew Oliver Wedding and Event planner xxx