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Matthew wanted me to write another little blog for you all and so whilst racking my brain on what I wanted to write I thought, ‘what do I like?’ and of course it hit me… free things!  Which of course led me onto wedding favours.

The tradition of handing out wedding favours to guests on your special day is a pretty old one.  It is believed that the original wedding favours were popular amongst European aristocrats and were known as a bonbonniere.  A bonbonniere is a beautiful small trinket box made of crystal, porcelain, and sometimes precious stones.  It’s crazy to think, but not unsurprising, that this tradition has lasted through the ages, with really the only thing changing is the variation of the favours given.  So lets talk about what drives the thought process behind the type of gifts we like to give our guests.

I reeeally hope we are all past the obligatory days of sugared almonds, or is it just me who has got excited over the thought of chocolate mini-eggs, to then immediately be disappointed!! Sad times!

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

Image credit – Ben Yew Photography

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

Image credit – Sarah Lauren Photography

But there really are some great ideas around, from weddings I’ve been a guest at, weddings MO has done and a few others I’ve just happened across whilst trawling the depths of thee interweb.  For me I believe wedding favours should wholly reflect the bride and grooms personalities, pulling from the theme of the special day to give your guests the perfect memento.  There’s no easier way to inject some personality than by making them yourself, from home-made Jams and Chutneys in beautiful jars to a stylish USB stick, loaded with pictures or a crafted music playlist (love this idea!).  For those lacking the time or who have a slightly bigger budget, there is nothing better than giving a professional a brief and seeing the finished product, ready for the big day.  One example I love is from a recent Matthew Oliver wedding, four different beautifully crafted animal figurines to represent the bride and grooms favourite animals.  Each guest received his or her very own little friend as a reminder of the special day.  Other wonderful examples I have seen include mini bottles of cider or wine and tiny plants with the guests name, doubling as the escort card.

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

Image credit – My iPhone 🙂

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

Image credit – Lisa Dawn Photography

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

 Image credit – Camilla Arnhold Photography

The options really are endless and can be a fun edition to planning your wedding, and it’s something your friends and family will really love.  For me it’s definitely an aspect of the day I’ll be investing in and I would suggest you lend a few thoughts to it also, as it really does add that little something extra. Matthew Oliver Weddings - International Wedding Planner

Anywho, that’s all from me for now, but don’t worry I’ll be back soon.

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