How I made some design boards

Hello there!

These past 2 weeks have really flown right by and now here we are almost halfway into the month of April! I have of course been learning how to do lots of things and have now worked on two proposals for new clients. To create these design boards I first had to go over each brief to grasp what style of wedding and details they are looking for.

I began to work on the first couple’s design board and took a look at some of the notes I had made during the meeting. The next step was to login into Pinterest to begin hunting for images which I felt fit the brief. How did I do this you might ask. Well, I searched using keywords such as ‘rustic’, ‘vineyard’ and ‘elegant’ combined with ‘wedding’ which returned loads of images for me to scroll through. Then very carefully I picked out specific images and saved these findings to a board called ‘Neutral Destination Wedding’. The key areas to search for are: the bouquet, the table setting, the ceremony chair layout, the dining table, the cake, and the stationery. I peeled my eyes for clean images with green and white decorations which is not always as easy as it seems.

Lisbon villa destination wedding design board

The table settings included hints of gold in the cutlery and the rims of the glasses. The dining tables usually had white tablecloths and/or white flowers running down the centre and simple yet sophisticated wooden chairs. I found an image for the ceremony which was almost identical in style to the one I had saved for the dining table. One of the key notes I had made referred to a clean brick walled location that was not too industrial and with the luck of the draw, I had found just what they were looking for.

I used keywords such as ‘naked’ and ‘plain’ with ‘wedding cake’ to return searches on the type of cake I was in search of. The idea for the cake was simple as I had seen a photo of an example before which made the search so much easier. The real trouble however was finding a cake without any colourful decorations such as flowers and berries on it.

For the wedding stationery I searched for plain, lace and vineyard. I came across a few options which caught my eye and I tried to use lace styled ones because in the brief the bride states she loves lace. However, I found that the pale grey stationery with leaves went much better with the overall design where the brown paper and lace clashed.

When I moved on to searching for bouquets and other floral decor, I found that I could spend all day looking at flowers. The bridal bouquet’s were typically white roses with lots of greenery held in front of a simple white wedding dress. Though simple, each bouquet was unique and beautiful and some had hints of other colours which I had to disregard. I chose the ones which I felt suited the brief best; simple, elegant, and neat. The bouquet which was my favourite did not match the other images I had chosen when I was compiling the images into one on photoshop, so I had to go back through and find a similar bouquet to fit. After about 3 tries and the rearranging of everything else, I finally got a bouquet which fit!

The second brief was both easier and harder because they had already received a proposal for but a change of location meant a change of design. The hunt began again on Pinterest by searching for north Californian, forest, outdoor wedding ideas. This board was then called ‘Northern California Wedding 🙂’ and everything Matthew and I found was pinned. The board alone contains many contrasting design ideas which all had the potential to fit the brief. The bride had asked for bright colours but in the end we focused on shades of pinks and oranges.  

While Matthew focused on trying to find a location and the perfect image for the cover, I focused on searching anything and everything that could bring up the results I wanted. As it turns out, by not searching for ‘California’, ‘Big Sur’, and ‘Red Woods’ I could gather more images of the style we were looking to find. The style was modern, outdoorsy but not too ‘country’, with  a romantic environment.

Northern California wedding design board

The previous brief had contained flamingos which the bride adored so we decided to keep this detail in the cake and of course the beautiful watercolour painting of a flamingo with a floral headband (Matthew’s must have for this board!). I searched for watercolour stationery to match our new theme of pinks and oranges.

We both searched for wild white and orange bouquets which brought us a selection of beautiful bouquets. We agreed on a lovely hanging bouquet with dusty pinks and oranges, which in the end just didn’t match the rest of the board, that had become quite vibrant. I then went back to Pinterest and clicked on the image using the special toggling tool to bring up similar toned flowers, of which I tried 6 with the rest of the board before deciding it was the right one.

The dresses were a new addition for me as I hadn’t placed dresses in my previous design, but it was just the type of colours the bride had suggested in her meeting with Matthew. The tones of the dresses in this picture were better than in any of the other images we had found and happened to go perfectly with the flowers we wanted to use.

One of the most important parts to me is the dining table. Why you ask? Simply because it’s where the eating happens and who doesn’t love food! I scrolled through the list of outdoorsy/woodland dining arrangements to find a beautiful image of a long dark wooden table, placed on cobblestones under the trees in the midst of nature. The white plates, seats, and floral decorations just tied the whole design together and left me in awe. Then to top that feeling off, I came across a place setting with a transparent plate and gold place mat with (wait for it) a perfectly positioned leaf between them. I quickly slotted the image in and began to tidy up all the edges of the images which had made it into the final cut.

Once I was finished, I got Matthew to check it over and add his final touches before we inserted it into the document to be emailed off to their respective clients. So there you have it, how I put these design boards together (with some help of course) to give our potential clients a visual representation of what we think their wedding could look like and hopefully become.

Until next time,
Love Ceri xx