How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring

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So today is a just a brief post shedding some light into choosing the perfect wedding ring.

Whether you’re choosing a diamond encrusted wedding band or an engagement ring, there really is a lot to consider.  Believe it or not, there is so much to take into account when it comes to selecting the one; from the four Cs to finding the perfect ring to match your bride’s personality, it’s hard to know where to start.

Here we’ve created a basic guide for beginners who are shopping for that perfect ring.

  1. The Four Cs 

The four Cs will help you shape the beginning, middle and end of your search.  The four defining factors of a diamond are Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.  Now some diamond shoppers will want the best of all four, whilst others are more interested in clarity than cut, or some might have their heart set on colour and nothing else.  It completely depends on you and your bride to be.

  •  Cut – there are a huge variety of cuts available so before you start shopping, it’s important to understand what your bride might like.  Round cut is the most traditional and it’s also the best cut for showing the clarity of a diamond.
  • Colour – diamonds come in many colours but most brides prefer the traditional white diamond.
  • Clarity – the clarity of a diamond is determined by the number of flaws or blemishes and although not always noticeable at first glance, you can see the difference between different quality diamonds once you look a little closer.
  • Carat – the weight of a diamond is measured in carats and generally, the heavier the diamond, the more expensive it is.

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     2. Personality 

The fours Cs can help you make a good start but not everyone is a diamond aficionado – and perhaps those things don’t matter so much to your bride.  Many believe that different cuts and colours can define one’s personality.  Here are some ideas which may help you choose the right one for your love.

  • Traditional bride – if you are proposing to a classic and timeless beauty or someone who is a traditionalist at heart, the best ring cut could be the simple and stunning round-cut.
  • Creative and quirky bride – if your bride loves to be different and has a real creative side to her, coloured diamonds are a fantastic way of helping her stand out. But be careful – with the recent uptake on coloured diamonds by celebs, there may be some connotations attached to certain colours.
  • The style conscious bride – if you have a modern bride who is into the latest trends and fashion, a princess cut could be the perfect choice.  It symbolises style and a contemporary way of thinking.

For more advice on diamond cuts and personality matching, visit Huffington Post.


Choosing the Perfect Wedding RingThanks for popping by and I hope this helps you in picking that important ring?!

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