How To Get Your Guests Up And Dancing At Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is hard enough without the consideration of the fact that your guests might not enjoy themselves and that the dance floor will remain empty for the whole night. Of course this is unlikely, however it’s possible so in order to avoid this nightmare scenario you need to make sure you give your guests a reason to get up and dance the night away.


Although you’re unlikely to want to use the dance floor early on in your wedding reception it’s important to get your guest’s feet twitching early on so that they’re ready to boogie on down later on in the night. As people arrive at the reception most couples will have set aside time for people to chat, get a drink and mingle before dinner and this is a good time to get the party started. It doesn’t have to be anything big but having some kind of music playing is a great way to get your guests in the mood for the festivities that are likely to take place later on. If you have a DJ playing later on but you don’t feel it would set the right tone over dinner and as the guests arrive then consider a string quartet, a jazz band or something similar so that your guests aren’t left sitting in silence.

Dance floor

There’s nothing worse than a tiny dance floor where your guests feel cramped but there’s nothing worse than one that’s too big and makes your guests feel self-conscious either because they’re unlikely to want to dance at either. Around three feet of dance floor space for every two guests is advisable but there’s no need to worry if you have your heart set on a reception venue that doesn’t have a big enough dance floor because the majority of venues will be able to extend or reduce the size of their dance floor according to your needs by adding or taking away flooring tiles.

LMMUK Wedding reception dancing


If you want people to be up and dancing right away then the way you seat your guests is extremely important. You should seat the members of your friends and family who you know can’t resist a boogie near to the dance so that they have easy access whenever they decide is the right time to get up and groovy. If you have elderly guests it’s a good idea to seat them away from the speakers – they’ll really appreciate it.


Although you might be really into your punk and heavy metal bands, the likelihood is that the majority of your guests aren’t and although it’s okay to incorporate your favourite music style into your wedding music – in fact, you should – you should also consider your guests and what they might like to hear. A good mixture of music is all anyone asks for at a wedding, make sure there are enough old classics to get the oldies up and about but also some newer and more specialist things for the younger guests.

Interactive music

A great way to make sure everyone’s happy with the music that’s played is to allow all of them a choice of song. When you send out your invitations add another small card – or add it to the RSVP section – which asks each of your guests or each couple to write down a song that they really want to hear played on your big day and then make a list of all the songs to give to the DJ. If you’ve got a lot of guests and you think there’ll be too many songs to fit into the evening then choose around twenty songs that everyone  – or the majority of people anyway – knows and loves and ask them to vote on the one that they want to be played as the last song of the night.

Don’t play

Just as there are songs that can’t be forgotten at a wedding reception there are also ones that should never be played and to avoid a mass exit of the dance floor you should provide your DJ or band with the list of songs that should be avoided.

First dance

The first sin of many married couples is having a first dance that’s too long. You’re likely to feel self-conscious up there on the dance floor by yourself anyway which means it’s in everyone’s best interests to get the first dance over sooner rather than later. Although you might have your heart set on a nine minute ballad, it’s likely to drag for you, and if that’s the case, imagine how your guests will feel sitting and watching.

LMMUK Wedding Dance

Get dancing

Your guests are unlikely to get up and dance if you’re still sat at your table but if they can see you out there having fun then they’re much more likely to get up to come and join in the fun. 

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