How to Subtly Incorporate Fragrance into Your Wedding

When you’re executing your meticulous plans for the perfect wedding day, as a perfectionist (which most people become when they’re about to tie the knot), you have to think of absolutely everything. First of all, there is the picking of the perfect venue that coincides with your personal style, the décor and ambience, perfectly coordinated outfits for the bride and groom, not to mention the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Then, there are the logistical matters – what kind of wedding feast you want, sit-down, buffet, family style? On top of that, there is the scouting for the perfect band that will have everyone on their feet, as well as the search for the best photographer who will catch the beautiful and candid moments. Finally, there is the devil in the details – the little details themselves.

The wedding bouquet, hair and makeup, something borrowed and blue, something new, and in the end, something fragrant. Yes, when people walk into the venue, they would like to be washed over with gorgeous scents – scents have the power to elevate the mood, evoke beautiful feelings, and they are practical as well as they can neutralize any unpleasant smells. Incorporating a touch of fragrance into your wedding is a major detail, but worry not, we have got you covered with subtle yet gorgeous ways to do it.

Him and her

The most important people who need to smell absolutely divine are the two of you. Now, you can each go with your already established signature scents, or you can take a trendy route and go for coordinated bespoke couture fragrances. Not only is this one of the wonderful ways for the two of you to be coordinated, but it also shows a sense of unity, which people will definitely feel as you’ll be doing a whole lot of hugging.

Italy Wedding

Photo credit – Bubble Rock

A fragrant send-off

You know how people used to throw rice at weddings? Well, that’s a rare occurrence nowadays. Now, a much more photogenic, not to mention chicer and more fragrant way of doing this part of the ‘wedding protocol’ is to throw flower petals. Fragrant roses are the obvious choice as they are easy to get, they look wonderful, and if you choose them in a few different colours, it will make for a spectacularly colourful moment that won’t just be fragrant-filled, but will make for killer photos as well.

Bath Wedding

Photo credit – Sarah Lauren Photography

Follow the trends

In the ‘olden days’ – and we use this term loosely, centrepieces and fine china were enough to impress your guests. The wedding décor game has been taken up a notch, so there is a lot more going on on the tables these days. One of the major trends that luckily does exactly what you want it to do, is placing wonderfully scented candles on the tables, usually around the centrepieces. Make sure you choose a scent that is refreshing and not overpowering, so that everyone feels it, but doesn’t feel smothered by it. In addition, pick thicker candles and taller candles as they look way classier than little short ones. Finally, the colour should mesh with the overall colour palette, but that shouldn’t pose an issue given that scented candles come in a variety of colours and you’ll be able to pick the ones that will perfectly mesh with everything else.

Greece Wedding

Photo Credit – 37 Frames

The obvious choice

When picking out your centrepieces, instead of just going for flowers that look good, make it your mission to find truly amazingly fragrant ones. They won’t be able to spread and ‘own’ the room – only those sitting at the tables will be able to feel the gorgeous scents, but together with scented candles, you will have a winning combination. Bonus tip: when choosing both the flowers and the candles, make sure the fragrances mesh. You don’t want clashing scents that will create a hot mess, so to speak. Coordination is everything, so don’t take this task lightly.

California Wedding

Photo credit – Christy D. Swanberg Photography

Going all the way

If you really want to make a luscious statement, you will walk the extra mile and even have fragrant save-the-date cards and invitations sent out. This is definitely one of the classiest touches, but a pricy one as well. So, before you dive into the fragrant invitation section, make sure you have the budget for it.

Spain Wedding

Photo credit – Ben Yew Photography

Indeed, there are tons of ways for you to ‘sneak in’ your favourite scents without people noticing anything but the dance and meshing of the pleasant scents. You can incorporate one or two ideas, but even going with all of them won’t be too much, trust us. In this case, more is more.


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